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Ignatieff dons red running shoes for final advertising and marketing campaign push

youth nfl jerseysToronto Star press reporter

having his new red running shoes, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff pleaded Friday with array Liberals to do everything possible to get out to vote for their party.

"This is a moment when we can shape the actual end result, he was quoted saying passionately. "We can take control of the election. If we display on May the 2nd, We succeed with. Now it's time to show up,

The rally, One of the biggest of the campaign, Was an early stop in an Ontario blitz that Ignatieff was launched Friday. it will last him to 14 Ontario ridings before Monday.

He urged the party faithful to round up support for the Liberals' social and economic policies and halt what he said is this look toward greater inequality in Canada under Stephen Harper's Conservatives.

"The rich are getting relatively richer, The middle class are getting left behind and having trouble making ends meet and some of the poor are falling right off the table. that will be Harper's Canada, and has now to stop, He told the entertaining crowd.

preceding, In a stop in london, Ont, He said you have "A lot of Canadians still making up their brains,

"A lot of Canadians are being told how to vote and I'm asking them to vote for what they really want. What these people want is moderate government, Government at the center, Ignatieff said after lacing up his new sneakers in Liberal candidate Doug Ferguson's head office in the riding of London West.

He has argued in the campaign that the Conservatives tend to help big business more than families. And he says the NDP's campaign wish list would drive up impact all civilian federal deficit and lead to higher taxes.

Over the subsequent two days, Ignatieff will be mainstreeting from Hamilton and across much of the GTA before winding up when the polls open Monday in his riding of Etobicoke Lakeshore. The technique is aimed at shoring up Liberal support in southern Ontario, Where the outcome of the election will be decided.

He was asked about NDP leader Jack Layton's statement since watered down that central bankers at the Bank of Canada should keep prices low.

"This is one other reason why you can't trust Jack Layton on the economy, Ignatieff shown. "A accountable government does not tell (Bank of ontario Governor) Mark Carney how that's economics 101, Ignatieff left a comment.

ahead of time, Reacting to conservative candidate Jim Flaherty's warning of an NDP led coalition taking power in Ottawa, Ignatieff said it made him "White hot furious,

The Conservatives say "Vote for us because let us invent something you should be very afraid of, He said before holding a town hall meeting at a native a friendly relationship centre in Val D'or, que.

"fat loss treat the Canadian people this way, Ignatieff proceeded angrily. "Stop treating us like fearful children. Start appealing to us as citizens. Start giving us a vision of hope.

"rest room people are sick of this government. That basic bring fear. And it didn't come from this campaign. We've had five great deal fear. We've had five years of the politics of personal Youth NFL Jerseys murder. We've had five years of this unremitting, Grinding lack of enthusiasm. People are sick and tired with it,

He said Canadians' desire for change is why he feels optimistic about the outcome of the election even though polls on a regular basis show the Liberals in third place behind the surging NDP and the front running Conservatives.

Saying he remains hoping the Liberals can win the election, Ignatieff rejected the idea of getting Liberal backers to vote tactically for Liberal, NDP or Green appliers in hopes of achieving his goal of ousting the Harper team.


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